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The Nx Witness Cloud service uses a combination of cloud computing technologies to enable simple remote connectivity, streaming, and management of your Systems

Login to your Nx Witness system from anywhere, anytime, on any device using the Nx Witness Cloud layer.

Administrators can connect their Nx Witness Systems to Nx Cloud to make merging remote sites simple.
Proxy video streams in instances when direct NAT connections to a System’s Servers cannot be established.
View live or recorded video from any camera connected to any cloud-connected system in a browser.
Share access to any system connected to the cloud with anyone using their email address and custom user roles.
Connect an unlimited number of systems to a single account for managed services or large enterprise customers.
Nx Witness Cloud undergoes security testing and uses the latest encryption technologies to secure user data.
Prevent man-in-the-middle attacks with video encryption between your Systems and the Nx Cloud Client.
Use the Nx Witness Cloud API to integrate to 3rd party web-based applications like Zapier or 3rd party cloud-based analytics.

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