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Nx Witness is built for Users

Nx Witness was designed to be instantly usable for everyone – from operators to administrators

Nx Witness user interfaces are inspired by Google Material Design and follow modern design principles.Unlike traditional VMS’s Nx Witness requires no pricey prerequisite software (e.g. SQL Database) to install and use. Features like Advanced PTZ, Universal Fisheye De-warping and Soft Triggers give you the ability to react quickly to any event.

Nx Witness Works with 99% of IP Cameras

And More

Native support for major brands, with support for in-camera video analytics, I/Os, audio, PTZ, and even AI-powered object detection. Support for all ONVIF Profile S devices out of the box – including key features like PTZ, I/Os, and 2 way audio.

Nx Witness can Integrate with Anything

With free, open developer tools Nx Witness VMS can integrate with any 3rd party device or system

Designed for rapid integration of computer vision technologies that generate object metadata from video. A full featured REST API that allows 3rd party systems and devices to be integrated using HTTP API calls. Storage, video surce and metadata SDK.

Nx Witness Saves Money

No annual service contracts. No extra hidden fees. Free updates forever

Nx Witness lowers the cost of implementation and ongoing ownership because it runs well on low-cost hardware. Nx Witness Operator training is Free. Get certified online and stay up to date with the latest features. Nx Witness comes with free online support and free upgrades for the life of your IP video system.

It's all about Speed

Nx Witness is engineered to be fast and responsive on standard off-the-shelf hardware

Nx Witness Desktop runs on any device with OpenGL2.1 and Intel HD graphics with no need for expensive graphics cards. Our goal is that all users can install and configure Nx Witness on standard hardware in 2 minutes or less. Nx Witness Smart Search feature allows operators to search a year’s worth of archived video in less than a second.

Nx Witness is Dependable

Nx Witness Server Hive Architecture and Stability means you never have to worry about your video

Nx Witness has a unique Server Hive Architecture that enables automatic camera fail over and more. View your Systems’s health with built-in health monitoring for all Systems connected to the Nx Witness Cloud service.

Completely customizable

With free, open developer tools Nx Witness VMS can integrate with any 3rd party device or system

Add custom backgrounds to Nx Desktop clients in a System to customize your system with your own brand.Create custom user roles and give the right people access to the right devices with custom rights.Use the Nx Witness Rules engine to create custom automations – including operator alerts, integration triggers, and more.

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